Burglary is the most frequently committed crime in the United States.

Operation Identification is a crime prevention program that is simple and is intended to reduce theft and burglaries. 
It is designed to let would-be burglars know that your valuables are marked, listed and on file at the Sheriff’s Department.

Operation ID Program has three parts:

First, mark your valuables that are without serial numbers with your driver’s license or some other identifying number.  Place this number in a place that is not noticeable.  This can be done with an engraver or permanent marker.


Second, list all your valuables on a form furnished by the Sheriff’s Department.


Third, display a sticker which tells would-be burglars that all of your property is marked and on file with the Sheriff’s Department.

Listing your valuables allows a victim to quickly describe the stolen property and allow law enforcement to positively identify your property.  Placing a sticker on windows and doors may make a burglar think twice before taking your valuables.

To participate in this program you may call the Sheriff’s Department at (318) 259-9021 and request a form. Or click below to download the form.  Once you complete this form, it will be picked up and you will receive Operation ID decal stickers for your home.