Crime Stoppers collects information on unsolved crimes or individuals wanted by our department. Please review our list below of unsolved crimes. If you have any information or knowledge regarding any of these, click the Tips button to take you to our Tips page. You can enter your information there. Thank you for your assistance.

8/30/05: Burglary of Pender residence at 3773 Gladway Rd, Jonesboro
3/03/08: Burglary of Miles residence at 5993 Quitman Hwy, Quitman
7/04/08: Vandalism of Henson Cemetery on Kilpatrick Rd, Eros
12/24/08: Burglary of Aranda residence at 123 Fitpatrick Rd, Jonesboro
10/08/09: Theft of backhoe and trailer from Wooley's One Stop, Jonesboro
10/18/09: Theft of equipment trailer from Hwy 167, North of Clay
5/13/10: Burglary of Pepper residence at 8479 Hwy. 4, Chatham